Common Mistakes Every Podcasters Should Know

Common Mistakes Every Podcasters Should Know

Not everyone would tell you common mistakes podcasters experience. But lucky you, we've come up with the top 5 podcasting mistakes that you need to know. So whether you are a new podcaster or planning to have one, you will find this article very useful- and yes, it’s free!

Lack of USP

In Podcasting, USP is defined as your Unique Selling Point or what you call your sales pitch. But of course, there’s definitely more to it. So, ask yourself? Why should your audience listen to you? And what can you offer them?

Okay, you need to understand that at first, you might be podcasting everyday just for people to know that somebody by your name is out there. But then think like you are the audience. Ask yourself "what will the listeners learn from me? What topics will they benefit from?” It’s very important to know these things. This will let you understand your target and learn how you can address their needs.

Also, listen to your competitors. This will guide you into learning what sets you apart from the other podcasters' out there. You will always know someone who might have the same niche as yours but keep in mind what will make you unique and more better than them.


You need to be consistent. Consistency means you produce an output that is expected of you. If you're supposed to produce a podcast twice a week on a particular day, make sure you are able to deliver. This will help you create followers.

If you are struggling to come up with topics or find time for this, then make a game plan or schedule your posts. Make sure you are able to consistently deliver topics that are associated with the brand you are using or your unique selling point.

Wrong Target

Whatever niche you are in make sure you are eyeing for the bigger market. Always check the Top 10 podcasts in your niche. Listen to them. Learn from their strategies and inputs. Now fill in those gaps that they are lacking in. Bridge that gap to create a better standpoint. You need to position yourself correctly.

Understand, that no matter how great your podcast is, if there’s no audience who is following you and listening to you then, what’s the point of continuing with what you are doing. Learn how to make people listen to you. Find a way for them to notice you so they will know what great work you are doing which they can learn from.

No Unique Voice

For one, most podcasters now a days are having a hard time finding their voice. Remember those times when you listen to the radio and just by their voice you knew who that person was? That’s one thing, you should consider, making your voice unique. But that is just one factor that you need to work on.

Indeed, your voice and what you are telling your audience is a reflection of who you are. And mind you, they do get it when you lie or pretend that you know much about something. Select a topic that you know or research if you're not that sure about that subject is all about. Your audience will not like the idea of being fooled and it will create bad impressions. So, once you have gathered all the data that you need, analyze it. Lay out your goals and work on it.

Second, talk with much enthusiasm because it transcends to your audience. Avoid being boring. It’s not just about positioning your phone but more of the listeners feeling your passion. You need to be passionate about what you are talking about. They need to feel that you are authentic and that they can learn from you. So, if they can recognize that, they will be eager to listen to you and wait for your show to be broadcast.

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Don’t Kill The Momentum

Now, before you launch your podcast in iTunes make sure you have at least 10 episodes. Why? Usually, your audience would choose to listen to podcasters who have several episodes already instead of those who only have fewer episodes. And once they are already hooked to your topic, they will have no choice but to follow. So always keep in mind to prepare a list of episodes first before even launching in iTunes.

Another important thing you need to remember is to maximize the use of New and Noteworthy. This is a list of new podcasts that helps boost the visibility of the new podcasters. So, within an 8 week period, new podcasts are placed in this category. And actually, there’s a great chance that podcast listeners will find you here.

Also, take note of the SEO in iTunes. When listeners want to find a particular podcast they prefer, they use the search box and put little descriptions to find it. These allow one of the biggest search engine to scan all podcasts with the same description. So for someone who is new in the business, it is it is very important to optimize podcast for a better SEO opportunity.

No Rating and Reviews

Lastly, one of the best ways to increase your ranking in iTunes is through getting more ratings and reviews. It’s quite disappointing why some podcasters don’t even have one especially with the network that they have.

The best way to address this is through promoting yourself. You can even leave a review for yourself, yes on your own. Why not? Go ahead and ask family members, friends and colleagues to share their thoughts and feedbacks. This is really helpful. Don’t be embarrassed because you are asking them to do it. Keep in mind that you need this and a little help from your loved ones will go a long way.

To sum it up, this list of common mistakes will guide you in making a better podcast experience. Avoiding these common mistakes and following the tips provided in this article will give you more chance of having a successful career in podcasting. So, start making goals and work it out.

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