"We believe that anyone can be heard."

Jaren Barnes
"Thank you so much for making our podcast sound so much better than they actually sound. You guys are amazing! We really appreciate all that you do."
- Jaren Barnes
, Co-host SimpleWholesaling Podcast, SimpleWholesaling

Who are we?

Podcast Engineers believe that if you have something brilliant in mind, say it loud! We believe that anyone can be heard!

From podcast editing to uploads, we help any podcasters life easier. With our team of experienced audio engineers and editors, we use the best tools of the trade to make any podcast awesome! We have helped several shows that are both ranking in iTunes and are still starting out.

If you think you have an idea to spread to the world, we can make that happen.

Are you someone who...

  • has no idea that you can be heard?
  • has brilliant ideas who wants to get it out there?
  • has a podcast but can’t keep up with the work or just wants to focus on things that matter?

then, Podcast Engineers is your gateway to let your voice be heard!

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A customer's experience

Shoutout from one of our clients

Experience it yourself!

Hover over the various images and listen to before and after snippets on audio edits that we've done.

How does it work?

We follow a pretty straightforward process. Once we have optimized your recording, you just drop all your raw files to us and we return it with its final form, fully edited and mastered with emphasis on the listener's experience.

Our standard leeway for podcast editing is 3 - 5 days. We try to work on a schedule that works best for us and to set up discipline on your end and stay consistent.

3 Step Process

Below is our process on how we handle your recordings.


Voice Profiling

Each voice and recording is unique. We do a standard process of profiling the voice of a host and making sure we set it to today's broadcasting standards. With clarity in mind, we make sure that your voice is well prepped before even laying them down to Digital Audio Workstation.



Here we edit your podcast with our advance Digital Audio Workstation and focus on building templates for us to conglomerate the intros and outros, various segments of the show, and cleaning up mistakes, awkward long pauses, and annoying umms and ahs. We focus on your message and how you could confidently relay it through editing the audio appropriately.


Final Mastering, export, and upload

We make sure that the final audio output is mastered and inline with Podcast file type standards. We also help you with ease in sharing or uploading files if needed. More importantly, we focus on growth and hence provide you feedbacks along the way.

Here's a before and after edit of show. Hear the difference and how this quality and ease could also be yours.

Run Through of a Wholesaling Inc Episode

Run Through of a SimpleWholesaling Episode

Why choose us?

Two words: experience and expertise.

With Dave's extensive experience with podcast editing, he has developed ways to edit shows where it focuses on the message of the show and how the hosts and guest are able to confidently share their ideas. Sometimes, it's about getting the gist of the show, looking at the bigger picture and knowing the essence of the message. With that in mind, edits come in naturally where the focus is not just on the hosts but on the listeners as well.

Now partnering with seasoned audio engineers, Dave and his team are confident in giving the best results to anyone who wants to share their message out there effectively and efficiently with class!

Here are some problems you may be familiar with that we can solve.

Hurdles you may have:

  • No idea where to begin
  • Hassle and headache in editing and it takes too much time
  • Can't keep up with the workload
  • Not confident if your shows are even heard or appreciated
  • Awful recordings and audio output
  • So many uhmms, ahhs, and long pauses
  • No time to write show notes

Our Solutions:

  • We provide starter guides and consultation on improving your show, from recording to publishing
  • Save about 6 hours each week or a total of 24 valuable hours each month
  • Easy to follow system -- dump your raw files, we return a ready to upload mp3
  • Greatly enhance quality of audio
  • Continuously give support and feedback
  • Use top of the line, quality audio software
  • Editors focus on making you sound confident and natural
  • Quick turnaround
  • Most importantly, we believe in your message and we try our best to let that message reach your audience.

Our Clients

What People Say About Podcast Engineers

  • Josh Dorkin
    Josh Dorkin
    Founder, BiggerPockets
    Thanks Dave Visaya for all your awesome work editing the show! You are amazing!
  • Brett Snodgrass
    Brett Snodgrass
    Thanks for doing our audio. You are doing awesome, and we love your work!!! We appreciate you.
  • Marcelo Lewin
    Marcelo Lewin
    Founder, Digimedia Pros
    Podcast Engineers is currently editing our weekly podcasts so that we can concentrate on bringing more content to our user base.
  • Darrin Bentley
    Darrin Bentley
    Manager, Investor Grit
    Great work by the way!
  • Nathan Seaward
    Nathan Seaward
    Just listening to the episode. It sounds amazing! The quality is really good. Thank you for bringing it all together this week. Great job.
  • Brit Kolo
    Brit Kolo
    I got to listen through those episodes and I seriously love them! They sound so good, all thanks to you!! Couldn't be happier. PS. Love how we're working together. So so grateful to have found you! All from reaching out with a simple email on your part - kudos for smart email marketing and copy.
  • David Ferguson
    David Ferguson
    Founder, Tech smart Boss
    Dave and Podcast Engineers do a fantastic job. They deliver on time, do a great job cleaning up the audio, and they also provide me show notes which I can use. I definitely recommend them! Very easy to work with.
  • Sarah Gregory
    Sarah Gregory
    I reached out to about 5 or 6 podcast editors. Dave responded promptly with the most competitive bid. I gave him very loose directions, and he was able to deliver an exceptional edited interview. The interview included me interviewing my elderly grandfather, and he was able to edit out pauses and filler words, and also add soft and sweet instrumental music between transitions. I shared the interview with family for my grandfather's 95th birthday, and it was a hit with the family. Everyone has said it sounds so professional, and it was very heartwarming to our family. Thanks, Dave!

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