Top 5 Strategies to Get iTunes Reviews Even If You're a Nobody

Top 5 Strategies to Get iTunes Reviews Even If You're a Nobody

Your podcast just made its debut on the New and Worthy section in iTunes. The good news? It’s now visible to literally millions of people. That means you now have a better chance of building a decent and loyal fan base.

The bad news? iTunes only gives you 8 weeks to make a stellar impression and live up to the title of being New and Worthy. After that, its algorithm will decide whether to keep your podcast in their list, bump it down, or take it off completely.

The significance of podcast reviews

Just like Google or any other search engines, iTunes uses an algorithm that determines the ranking of podcasts they feature in the New and Worthy section as well as the What’s Hot section. This algorithm looks into different aspects of your podcast throughout the entire 8-week period you are given. Other key considerations taken into account include:

  • Your thumbnail’s artwork
  • The number of people who subscribes to your podcast versus the number of those who unsubscribes
  • The number of downloads you get per episode
  • The podcast ratings and reviews left by your audience

While the exact weight given by iTunes to podcast ratings and reviews is classified, one thing is for certain: podcast reviews can help dramatically increase the number of your podcast followers.

Why is this so?

Because ratings and reviews can help influence the choice of podcasts people choose to listen to.

In a study done by Cisco Systems on consumer shopping behavior, they discovered that 52% of the respondents admits to making decisions based on the reviews and ratings they read online.

Furthermore, according to a research conducted by Northwestern University, “reviews matter when the likelihood of a consumer purchasing a product is inherently low . . . especially true when a brand or product is relatively unknown or when the product is completely new in an existing category.”

5 Ways to Get Podcast Reviews

1. Upload podcast episodes in batches.

Nick Loper, host of The Side Hustle Show makes it a point to have 4 edited episodes ready before he uploads them on iTunes.

What is the rationale behind it? It allows him to achieve two things. First, it gives his target more options and it increases the likelihood of them finding something that captivates their interest.

Second, uploading more episodes can often translate to more downloads. This is something iTunes ranking algorithm takes into account so it can help ensure your podcast gets more exposure.

2. Announce the launch of your podcast to your email list.

People subscribe to your blog’s email list because they see the value of the content you are providing. Take advantage of this loyalty and following by letting them know about any podcasts you will be launching. You can also send a follow-up email once the podcast is live. In addition, consider it a good idea to also include a link where they can leave a review.

Adding a link in your email that will direct them to the link page is deemed ideal. Keep in mind that the easier it is for them to do something you asked, the more likely they are to follow through

3. Get the support of your network.

That’s right! There’s absolutely nothing wrong about asking people in your network to give your podcast a listen and leave a review. Of course, this should be done properly. You can start by sending an email, giving them a call, or asking them personally. Make things easy by providing a link where they can leave their reviews so you can make the task easy.

4. Include a call-to-action in your episode and show notes.

Akin to blog posts, including a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your podcast is considered ideal. In the same manner, consider it a good idea to also leave a call to action and encourage them to leave a review in your show notes.

5. Leave reviews in other podcasts.

Often called the pay-it-forward method, this is one of the most effective ways podcasters get podcast reviews.

Check for podcasts that are related to your niche, give it a listen, and leave a good review. You can then send an email informing the podcaster you've left a review and politely ask if you can also get one in return.

In addition to getting podcast reviews, this method can also help you build a good relationship with other podcaster in your niche or in other related niches. This can also open the doors for future collaborations, interviews, and other beneficial projects you can work on.

One last thing. . .

Getting podcast reviews is only half of the battle. The kind of reviews you are getting is yet another consideration. Even if you get a lot of reviews, if they are bad ones, it can only end up hurting your podcast as opposed to helping.

At the end of the day, your ability to provide quality content and connect with your audience should rank high in your list of priorities. Once you are able to effectively achieve both, the reviews will almost always follow.

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