Why Podcasting is the New Blogging

Why Podcasting is the New Blogging

Over the years, we've seen the birth of many communication platforms.

In the early days, blogging was deemed the "in" thing. With free platforms like WordPress and Blogger, anyone who wants to get into blogging can immediately do so.

Then social media came along and introduced us to micro-blogging. Popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few.

Now, podcasting is being hailed as the new blogging.

And this claim seems pretty accurate given the staggering number of people that has warmly embraced the medium so far.

The golden age of podcasting

While podcasts have been around for some time already, it has only been recently that a significant surge in listenership was observed. The medium also enjoyed massive traction after iTunes integrated podcasts in their software in 2005.

Nowadays, more influencers and bloggers are already testing the waters and finding out for themselves what podcasting has to offer.

Just like the other trends that came before it, podcasting was once seen as nothing more than a passing fad. However, podcasting has proven to be anything but. Come to think of it, the success of podcasting shouldn't be surprising.

For starters, podcasting is considered more personal compared to other mediums. Since people can hear you and can feel your emotions more, it's easier for them to relate to you and establish a connection with you.

Blogging vs Podcasting

The many benefits of podcasting

Podcasting's popularity is no coincidence. If truth be told, its success can be credited to the many benefits it offers. Some of podcasting's peerless benefits include:

1. It commands attention.

With blogging, readers can just skim through the posts and not give it much attention. Also, if an article has a lousy introduction, readers can always choose not to read beyond the first few lines. In some instances, readers will still forego reading even an interesting piece if time is limited.

With podcasts however, listeners need to really pay attention. Otherwise, they might miss an important information or insight. Also, they cannot skim through the content except by playing it 1.5x or 2x the normal speed or stopping it altogether.

2. Content can be repurposed.

One good thing about podcast content is you can repurpose it easily. You can turn shows into blog posts and include your show notes if you need to add more content to your website.

Episodes can also be saved in CDs or flash drives so you can conveniently give them to partners or potential clients.

3. It is a good tool for mobile marketing.

If you have been living under a rock, you probably have not heard of mobile marketing. However, nowadays, a huge number of consumers stay connected using their mobile devices.

Also, many people now use their mobile device to listen to podcasts. And this is a truly awesome thing for those who would like to use podcasting to promote their brands and build relationships. There's no denying it's a huge crowd just waiting to be tapped into.

4. It is cost-effective.

Podcasting can be very easy to get into. You don't need to spend a fortune. You don't need to invest in costly equipment to start. If you're creative enough, an iPhone and a few basic audio equipment can already get your podcast up and running.

5. It's not overcrowded yet.

The blogging world has become oversaturated. Many marketing strategists believe so many are already doing it that finding something new and unique to offer has become truly challenging (if not impossible).

Fortunately, at this point in time, podcasting is still deemed uncharted territory. That being said, it's still pretty easy to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Blogging + podcasting

To blog or to podcast? Why pick one when you can do both?

Although podcasting offers enticing advantages compared to traditional blogging, the latter still has a captive audience who prefers to read and engage through written words.

If anything, you don't necessarily have to forego blogging altogether. In fact, many influencers and bloggers are using both to connect with more people.

However, if you would rather use podcasting to reach your target audience, make sure you are doing it right. Fortunately, you can always work with the experts at Podcast Engineers. We can help you set up your podcast, edit your episodes, and get your message across loud and crystal clear.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Feel free to drop them below.

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