Core Roles of Podcast Producers

Core Roles of Podcast Producers

Undoubtedly, the words podcast producer can mean different things for different people.

In essence however, a podcast producer is one who has the ample knowledge, skills, and experience to develop the vision of a podcast and carry out said vision on their own or with a competent team.

While there are varying perceptions as to what podcast producers are and what they really do, the core roles are actually the same.

Below are some of the key areas podcast producers will spend their time, focus, and attention on:

Develop the creative vision

Apart from developing the creative vision, a podcast producer will also see to it that the creative vision of the podcast is consistent. That means they’ll help map out the story, find out what needs to be done to tell the story, and who can help them tell it effectively. In other words, they will determine what needs to be included in the overall game plan.

In some instances, the game plan will evolve and change as you go along. This is especially true if you have an investigative-style podcast. Fortunately, your podcast producer can help ensure the show’s overall concept remains constant and congruent from start to finish.

Preside over the podcast production

Working on a podcast episode from beginning to end can be a lot of work especially if you’re working on a complex concept. Thankfully, overseeing the entire podcast production process is something that comes easy for seasoned podcast producers.

Aside from having the necessary vision, skills, and knowhow, they know what to do to help ensure the expected results are delivered accordingly and right on schedule. They can also help warrant all the core elements come together in a manner that is both smooth and cohesive.

Oversee the editing and post-production

After the interviews have been completed, it has to be prepped and polished for the world to hear. This process involves mixing, mastering, and editing of content in order to turn them into cohesive episodes.

Oftentimes, the process will involve several elements like narration, music transitions, incorporating of news clips, alongside other elements that will help tell the story the way you want it.

Podcast producers (especially the ones with an engineering or editing background) will execute the process themselves. In some cases, they work with a production team that will help ensure the vision is carried out accordingly.

Act as podcast manager

Another primary responsibility of a podcast producer is to manage the podcast and treat it like the continuing process that it is. In other words, they’ll make necessary changes to the overall process as they deem fit, whether it’s looking for new personnels who can carry out tasks effectively or looking for ways to make the entire process better.

The podcast producer will also keep track of the analytics of the podcast’s performance to get insight into how it is received by the audience. They will also make suggestions and recommendations to ensure the podcast is being steered in the right direction.

How is your podcast producer helping you out? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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