Who are we?

Podcast Engineers believe that if you have something brilliant in mind, say it loud! We believe that anyone can be heard!

From podcast editing to uploads, we help any podcasters life easier. With our team of experienced audio engineers and editors, we use the best tools of the trade to make any podcast awesome! We have helped several shows that are both ranking in iTunes and are still starting out.

If you think you have an idea to spread to the world, we can make that happen.

Are you someone who...

  • has no idea that you can be heard?
  • has brilliant ideas who wants to get it out there?
  • has a podcast but can’t keep up with the work or just wants to focus on things that matter?

then, Podcast Engineers is your gateway to let your voice be heard!

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A customer's experience

Shoutout from one of our clients


Started as an idea, Dave thought that what he learned from years of editing podcasts and from knowledge of mentors that he could help more people! So he teamed up with Adrian, a seasoned audio engineer, and together they formed Podcast Engineers – a team capable of delivering quality podcast editing that focuses on the message of the podcaster. Today, Podcast Engineers are growing and adding more to their team are couple of audio editors, content managers, and a consultant. All speaks of one purpose which is to cater those who want their ideas to be heard.

Our Vision

Podcast Engineers aspires to become the most trusted audio editors for podcasters all around the globe.

Our Mission

  • To help anyone who wants to start a podcast
  • To connect millions of people through podcasting
  • To raise the bar in terms of quality in the podcasting world
  • To show the world the arts of audio engineering

Shoutouts and Mentions

Dave the Magician... (SimpleWholesaling Podcast Show 9)

Focus on the things that matter (BiggerPockets Podcast Show 159)

The Team

Dave Visaya

After editing hundreds of podcast episodes, I realized that it’s not just about editing out the awkward pauses and annoying noises. It is also about making sure that the listeners get to understand the message and have a great experience! Quite a number of podcasters and guests may not notice this, but they could sound different on the recordings -- yes to the point that they may come out as unprepared or less confident. I believe this can be minimized or controlled at a certain level with good editing skills. My main goal is to make each show come out to be valuable, worthwhile, and light-hearted.

As a fan of music, I've already started to play around with audio production since 2009. It must have been fate that I landed a job at the best website for real estate investors (BiggerPockets), which happens to have a podcast. It was inevitable that I'll be editing the podcast, and I did!

Now with two years editing shows, I believe that I have learned a lot on how shows could excel. I also noticed that anyone could do it with the right systems and editing flow in place.

With Podcast Engineers, I believe I can truly help other podcasters show their confidence, save time and money, and deliver their message with consistency and quality in mind,


Garageband, Logic Pro X, Screenflow, iMovie, Adobe Audition, Rx 5, Wordpress, Canva, Photoshop

Dave has been a guest to a couple of podcasts: Simplewholesaling Podcast Episode 25, 3rd World Startup Episode 10, and 12 Minute Convos.

Produced and co-hosted a few episodes of Book Swap Cebu Podcast

Adrian Nellas

It all started when I became involved in music and also worked on a recording studio before and with the broad aspects in the field of audio, I said to myself that there can be a lot of possibilities that can bloom in exploring more about this craft.

As time passed, I was then able to go and work on projects like audio recording, music production, film, and now with some insights from the team, podcasts are also the next big thing and a challenge as well in applying the art of audio editing to meet higher standards.

Getting your message out there is one thing but I also believe that if were getting it out there, we better make sure that the people will hear it loud and clear.

I believe that adding importance and quality to audio and raising the bar in podcasting will be the next big thing.

With Podcast Engineers, we can educate further about the craft and deliver your message out there with the best quality we have.

Paul Cañada

Music has been my life and also led me to where and what I am right now. It so happened that I too got connected to the world of sound engineering which got me the best of both worlds and was a great potential to pursue a higher level in the arts.

I do things passionately just as how I apply it my music, I too apply in my work as a Sound Engineer. They say that, do it with passion, or don’t do it all.

As I have recorded music, produced albums, mixed short and full length films and enjoy working with my craft, not only that I make sure that we are happy about the results, but also see to it that we get something that we can remember truly with the great work being delivered.

Now as I go into the world of podcasting, I too will apply the same manner as I did with the other fields of audio.

With Podcast Engineers, I believe we can reach the goal and revolutionize the art of podcasting

We're here to help. Feel free to ask us any questions! Just contact us below.

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Congratulations to BiggerPockets Podcast for reaching 25 million downloads! This is a feat only a few podcast has made.


*Dave has been with them since the early 50 episodes until today!