5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Start a Podcast

5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Start a Podcast

Podcasting is now in its golden age. With millions of people worldwide listening to podcasts, it’s no wonder why there are tons of podcasts being started every week. The listenership is growing exponentially as more people discover the beauty of acquiring information through listening to a podcast.

It is already becoming an industry and a community in itself with people gathering and connecting to learn more and improve their own podcast shows.

There are various reasons as to why people do podcasting. Every podcaster is inspired by something. Sometimes, it starts as a hobby and evolves into something else later on. Most, if not all, of the successful podcasts published today started from scratch.

Here are five things that drove people to start their own podcast and why they still do it:

To solve one’s own problems

Some people might be faced with a dilemma and this prompts them to try out podcasting. For example, there are those who are searching for podcasts covering a certain topic that’s close to their interest. Others don’t like how certain podcasts are formatted and are looking for shows that have a certain length and could cover all the important points and not just 25-minute discussions. Instead of waiting for someone else to start that show, they solve their own problem by starting their own podcast.

These podcasters generally choose topics that are interesting to them. They build their show by creating a format that would fit to their needs and to the topic that they’re discussing. This creates a better podcast that also attracts listeners with the same problems building a community.

To grow a business

Entrepreneurs leverage the power of podcasting to grow their businesses. Online entrepreneurs need to use various platforms to maximize their business’s potential while reaching more customers. The internet is vast and this is a potential that every business owner would want to utilize. Using various different platforms, one is able to reach out to different people.

Creating a podcast can be an effective medium to promote one’s own products and services as it can build a good solid reputation for the brand. This in turn increases the number of followers, which makes them to potential customers.

To reach more audience

Different people consume information differently. Some like reading blogs or watching videos, while there are others like listening to radio shows while driving or working out. Bloggers and other social media influencers use podcasting to reach other audiences that are not on their blogs as of yet.

A blog can only grow as much and reach a certain type of follower. Since the number of podcast consumers are growing, it can be a good avenue to grow one’s followers and reach. This brings in more people to the blog by leaving links in the show notes. Linking one’s blog and social media accounts from the podcast can be an effective way in growing the number of followers that one has. This brings in more people and more readers in the long run while establishing oneself as a good podcaster.

To inspire and educate people

There’s a more selfless motivation to starting your own podcast and that is to inspire more people and grow a community of like-minded individuals. Someone who is knowledgeable in ministry work might want to start a podcast about the pressures of the job and what it entails. Most people don’t have an idea about what goes behind it. Although this has a very niche audience, this educates people and listeners.

Podcasting is also a form of giving back to their followers for some podcasters. Bringing in the best guests and providing listeners with valuable content is pretty much the core reason for many of the successful podcasters and influencers. Creating valuable content changes the lives of the listeners and helps them develop and grow themselves through every episode.

To meet celebrities and influential people

Oftentimes, having a podcast is a good excuse to come up to people and ask them for an interview, especially if you’ve already established yourself in the industry. Some people just want a way to meet celebrities and other influential people in order to connect with them and build lasting relationships.

Through podcasting, one can have the opportunity to interview and connect with influencers and experts. Podcasting is a platform that allows one to meet smarter guests and learn more in the process. Oftentimes, connecting with one person can lead to various opportunities. This also widens the podcaster’s network and enables him to get more guests to his show in the future.

These are just five reasons why people do podcasts. There are still a ton of other reasons as to why people do so. It can also be a very personal journey to some podcasters. No matter what you’re feeling about starting your own podcast, it’s always best to just do it. You don’t have to fully get it the first time. As long as you know your drive, opportunities will unfold along the way!

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