Prevent Listeners from Unsubscribing with These 5 Points

Prevent Listeners from Unsubscribing with These 5 Points

It’s the one thing that every podcaster dreads: seeing the number of the subscribers to stagnating or worse, declining! A lot of podcasters get discouraged about this so don’t let this be you!

Here are some of the common reasons why people stop listening and some tips on how to prevent them.

1. Not being consistent uploading episodes

Consistency is vital if you want to get positive results with your content marketing campaigns. That includes your business podcast channel. Uploading episodes on a regular basis makes sure that you are constantly in the mind of your audience. It also helps cement your credibility as an expert and authority in your niche, making your podcast a valuable resource material.

2. Your listeners are not getting any valuable content or information

This is perhaps the main reason why many people end up no longer listening to podcasts they’ve initially subscribed, and even choose to unsubscribe altogether.

When someone subscribes to a podcast, they expect that they will learn something from it that they, in turn, can use towards their businesses or personal lives. Listening to promos is fine, but if this is all that they hear, they start tuning off.

The best way you can fix this is by doing an honest assessment of the last five episodes you’ve uploaded to your business podcast channel. Listen to one episode until the very end and ask yourself, “What was the one important thing you got from it that you find valuable or you enjoyed?” If you can’t answer this, then that could very well explain why people are unsubscribing to your podcast channel.

3. How you talk

Your audience can’t see you when they listen to your podcast episodes, so they base their impression about you on how you speak. And since you represent your business in your podcast, the feeling that you give out gets tied to their impression of your business as well.

When creating the episodes for your podcast, it’s important to remember who is your target audience. They will help you choose the kind of words and manner of speaking to best use when doing your episodes.

For example, there are some podcasters out there that tend to have quite a sharp tongue and even use explicit language in their podcast episodes to give the impression to their audience that they are a no-nonsense. This would probably be okay if you want your podcast to target a younger audience. But if your business’ primary audience are seniors and retired professionals, this may come across as offensive and even unprofessional.

Pace is also another factor to consider. If you think you have a mellow or deep voice that bores listeners, try to compensate with good pace. If you still can’t figure out how to cut the long pauses and delayed reactions, then you can do the hard route of editing your show. Don’t worry we at Podcast Engineers can help you with that!

4. Using too much jargon

If your podcast focuses on a particular niche that’s quite technical, it’s rather easy to get engrossed in talking using too much jargon language. Although your peers can easily understand this, they can quite be a bit too overwhelming for beginners in the niche to digest. One quick tip to resolve this is to just let your guest or yourself explain the jargon.

One fundamental principle to always remember when creating your podcast episodes is to make sure that you keep things simple enough that beginners listening to your podcast episodes will understand what you’re teaching. At the same time, the episodes are meaty enough that even your peers will still find value in your episodes.

5. Not listening to feedback

Believe it or not, those listening to podcasts want to be heard. So make sure that you do, especially if you encourage them to get in touch with you.

One way to make sure that your listeners know that you value them is to schedule an episode where you can answer some of their questions. When they know that you appreciate them, they will return the favor.

So there you go, follow these tips and you'll surely be able to aquire and retain a loyal audience. Try it now!

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