Norman Pattiz's Secrets to Building a Podcast Empire

Norman Pattiz's Secrets to Building a Podcast Empire

Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting giant with humble beginnings. After being unceremoniously ousted from the television network where he worked as a sales executive, he wanted to make money without worrying about getting fired again. That’s when he founded Westwood One in 1976. Today, it’s the largest radio network as well as the leading media company in the US.

Three years ago, Pattiz got into podcasting with the launch of–a one-stop site where you can listen and download podcasts from hundreds of podcasters like Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, and Adam Carolla, to name a few.

In this article, you will learn some effective tips shared by Pattiz on growing your podcast and building your own empire.

The beauty of podcasting

In an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, Pattiz pointed out that the great thing about a podcast is that it’s free from limiting constraints. You don’t have to conform to a particular format. You can tap into what you know, combine your own unique style, and you can have a podcast to share with everyone.

A great example is Adam Carolla who currently holds the Guinness record for the most number of podcast downloads. Carolla started podcasting after he lost his job in the radio station where he worked. By combining his experience as a radio talk show host and his unique ability to say anything in a humorous manner, he gave podcast listeners something they can't find someplace else.


Expanding your audience for your podcast

Teaming up with more established podcasters in your niche is a great way to build a decent following because you'll get the opportunity to get in front of a wider audience.

It can also significantly improve your brand. Remember the saying, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are?” Well, the same principle applies when it comes to podcasting. When you team up with a podcaster that’s known to provide lots of value, listeners will assume you can provide the same.

Focus on relationships

Don’t just go out and start communicating with more established podcasters just for the sole purpose of collaborating with them. Instead, Pattiz recommends building a relationship first.

“It’s easier to do business with friends than with acquaintances,” Pattiz explained in the interview. “If your friends respect your knowledge on the subject, then you got a friendship that will benefit your business.”

That’s the case with WWE wrestler Steve Austin. He was introduced to Pattiz by his talent agency who, in turn, recommended starting a podcast as a way for him to market his talents other than wrestling. With the help of his fellow wrestlers and other friends, Steve Austin’s podcast gives his listeners a “no-holds barred” insider’s look into the life of wrestlers, movie stuntmen, and other Hollywood celebrities.

Invest in the right help

The opportunity to make money through podcasting, according to Pattiz, doesn’t lie primarily in the amount of content you get out. On the contrary, it lies in your ability to get advertisers in to promote their clients’ products and services in your podcast.


Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular but advertisers aren’t keen to jump in because it’s relatively new. You need to spend time evangelizing to them to show that advertising in podcasts, particularly your podcast, will be worth their time.

Pattiz says that this is where you need to be willing to get help from professionals. Just because you can create a podcast, it does not always follow that you know how to properly market it, let alone deal with advertisers. In addition, you also need to know how to properly create a contract, payment scheme, billing methods, and a whole lot more. These services may cost you but in the end, it’s going to be worth the investment.

While success is attainable, you need to remember it might take time. PodcastOne may have taken only 3 years to get to where it is today but keep in mind that it took Pattiz 40 years to gain all the knowledge and experience that has helped him succeed. The bottom line? Be kind and gentle to yourself. Stay consistent and committed and you are well on your way to building an empire all your own!

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