Making Your Podcast Stand Out: Effective Tips

Making Your Podcast Stand Out: Effective Tips

Let’s get something straight. Very few people are pros at podcasting when they first started out. Unless you have expert help and guidance, you’ll most likely struggle while finding your way around. And chances are you’ll have no idea how to make your podcast stand out.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of podcasting tips you can find on the web. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best tips you can implement so you will be a step ahead of everyone else.

Be authentic.

To be successful in the podcasting world, being authentic is crucial. That means you don’t have to pretend to be anything else other than yourself. Case in point: you don’t have to adopt a “radio” or “podcasting” voice just because many are doing it.

If anything, most people can see through the façade and can tell if you’re merely faking things. Also it’s easier for people to connect with you if they can sense you are being yourself.

Offer something valuable each episode.

Value can come in diverse forms—it can be an inspiring story that made your listeners’ day better, it can be beneficial information they can implement, it can be a powerful anecdote that encourages them to change for the best, etc.

The bottom line? Your listeners should walk away wiser, happier, more inspired after listening to you.

Don’t forget to edit. Just don’t overdo it.

In some instances, this would depend on the kind of podcast you are doing. For instance, if you are doing a Joe Rogan type of thing, the editing needed can range from minimal to nil. However, it pays to never leave anything to chance.

If you’re new in the podcasting industry, consider it best to leave this task to the expert hands of a competent podcast editor. You’ll not only save valuable time you can use for other productive pursuits, you will also have peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to present a podcast you can be truly proud of.

Don’t shy away from making your guest(s) laugh.

Be a human being. Crack a joke every now and then when appropriate. Pretend you are having a conversation over beer and pizza. Or coffee and doughnut, whatever works for you. When possible, keep things light and the vibes good. Your listeners will love you all the more for it.

Invest in good equipment.

Having the best equipment will never guarantee more downloads or followers. However, it is still recommended that you invest in decent equipment. Get yourself a good microphone. Invest in the services of a podcast editor. Basically, don’t think twice when it comes to investing in anything that can help make your podcast stand out.

Ask your listeners to leave a review.

For some reasons, listeners often won’t bother leaving reviews. However, a little nudging won’t hurt. Reviews can serve as social proof for your show so they are important. At the end of your show, you can politely ask your listeners to leave a review. If you want to be a bit bold, you can also ask guests of your show to do the same.

Have filler content ready.

Picture this. You are interviewing one of your heroes. Or maybe an authority in your niche. Or someone you totally look up to. Understandably, you can get nervous and in some cases, your nervousness can get the best of you. Your mind goes blank and you no longer know what to say or ask.

To avoid a similar scenario from happening, ensure you have a go-to filler content ready. For starters, you can ask classic questions that can keep the conversation going or you can share your own take on the topic being discussed and ask your guest for additional insights.

Lastly, invest in yourself.

While the success of your podcast can be attributed to several key factors, a huge chunk will actually depend on you, on your insights, your creativity, your inputs, your ability to deliver, etc. That being said, consider investing in yourself a must.

Sign up for that webinar that can help improve your speaking skills, invest in courses that can help you develop the right mindset, enroll in a class that can help boost your confidence. Basically, anything that can help you become best at what you do.

How do you make your podcast stand out in an industry as competitive? We would love to hear the tips you swear by!

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