How to Get Your Podcast Featured on iTunes

How to Get Your Podcast Featured on iTunes

Undoubtedly, iTunes is considered by many to be the ultimate haven for podcasters. And this is not exactly surprising since a massive percentage of listeners go to iTunes when looking for something interesting to listen to. That being said, neophyte podcasters often aim to get featured in iTunes in the hope of getting a decent and loyal following:

Increase your chances of getting featured in iTunes by keeping in mind the following:

Quality Show is a Must

Podcasts featured in iTunes are mostly topnotch in terms of sounds, visuals, and intro. If you are an aspiring podcaster, those are key components you need to take into account. For starters, ensure your podcast has high-quality sounds. Sound should be crisp and free from any unnecessary noise. Good visuals is also another key factor you should work on. Consider low-quality formats a no-no! If you want to impress your listeners, always opt for something that has high-quality resolution.

Don’t forget to also include a great intro. An awesome introduction can help listeners easily remember what your podcast is all about. You can liken it to “last song syndrome” where a song continuously plays in the viewers’ heads even after the show is over.

Great sound, visuals, and intro can be achieved through excellent editing done by professionals. If you are new in the podcasting industry, don't shy away from getting all the expert help you can get. Fortunately, there's no shortage of expert help you can get nowadays. If anything, it's an investment that will yield tremendous returns.

Create a Stunning Cover Art

Your podcast cover art can help you get noticed and can definitely help capture people's interest. If you are lucky and of course, given that your cover art is utterly stunning, you may even capture the attention of the iTunes team. At all times, always aim to create a favorable first impression. Thankfully, there are so many applications nowadays that can help you create a cover art that's truly exceptional. If you can't create one even if your life depended on it, consider investing in expert help.

Work On Your Content and Goals

While it's unfortunate to note, many podcasters start their podcast without a clear set of goals and objectives in mind. Is this a great way to start a podcast? Definitely not! Prior to recording, consider it a must to have a robust plan in place. Spend at least an entire day (or longer if needed) and write down all the concepts, insights, and inputs you think you might need.

Also, take into account key considerations like your target audience, content, monetizing your podcast, building your brand and so on and so forth. Without a clear and comprehensive plan in place, you can't expect your podcast to get featured on iTunes, much more succeed.

Connect with known podcasters

The best podcasters spend a lot of time planning. They also often do their research and look for podcasters who are in the same genre. They also learn as much as they can from seasoned podcasters so they can integrate it in their shows and make it more interesting. In addition, they also try to establish relationships with these people. If they get lucky, they might even get to collaborate with them in the near future.

Look for authors

Podcasters may find authors who write about the same topic they are tackling in their podcast. In some cases, these authors can be prospective guests and can become good resource persons. Again, consider it best to connect with them. Find a common ground and show interest and you might just be able to convince them to be a guest on your show.

Consistently release your episodes

Another factor the iTunes Podcast Team might consider is the release consistency of your podcast episodes. If you are just starting out, make sure you have ample episodes ready. Understandably, listeners would opt for shows that have more episodes than those who only have one or two.

Also, it is important to release shows on time and right on schedule. You risk losing listeners if you are not consistent when it comes to adhering to your chosen schedule. You might even get a bad review from disappointed and annoyed listeners if you are not consistent. That being said, this is something you should pay close attention to.

News and Noteworthy

Once a new podcast is released, it will stay on the News and Noteworthy section for eight weeks. Make sure you are able to take full advantage of this awesome opportunity. With that in mind, ensure you are able to deliver something awesome so you'll be able to build a loyal following. Also, don't hesitate to ask listeners to subscribe and provide reviews especially if they enjoyed your show.

More Reviews

Ask family and friends to leave comments. If the iTunes Podcast Team notices the increase in your podcast following, it will increase your likelihood of getting featured. In addition, when listeners see a lot of reviews, it can also capture their interest. They might even leave a comment or review too when once you get them hooked!

Ready, Set, Go!

Taking the following beneficial tips into account and integrating them in your podcasting efforts can definitely help increase your chance of getting featured. What techniques have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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