How to Get Your Podcast Be Featured on iTunes

How to Get Your Podcast Be Featured on iTunes

iTunes is considered to be a heaven for podcasters. There is a great percentage of listeners that can be found in it that is looking for something interesting to listen to. Those who are considered to be beginners in the podcasting industry should consider all the factors that would make them get featured on iTunes.

So what would make them be seen featured in iTunes? Read on.

Quality Show is a Must

Podcasters featured in iTunes are beaming with outstanding sounds, visuals, and intro. This is also what new podcasters need to keep in mind. Make sure the podcast shows have high-quality sounds. It should sound crisp and without any background noise. Good visuals is also a factor that they should work on. Low-quality formats are a no-no! It can be pretty annoying for some listeners so make sure to opt for a high-quality resolution.

Don’t forget to include a great intro. A perfect introduction will get listeners have a good recall of what the podcast is about. It’s like having a “last song syndrome” wherein that song will continuously play in the viewers’ heads even after they are done listening to the song.

A great sound, visuals, and intro can be achieved through excellent editing done by professionals. Podcasters who are just starting out and has a high expectations of their shows should get help! There are many outstanding editors around and this is such a great investment.

Create a Stunning Cover Art

Cover Arts are the first thing people see and having a great artwork will definitely make them interested. This will grab the audience attention and even the iTunes team. Make a good impression. There are so many applications that can help you with these. Podcasters can do it themselves by letting their creative side shine out.

Work On Your Content and Goals

Many Podcasters start their podcast without having a clear set of goals and objectives. Is this a great way to start a podcast? No! Before they even begin their shows they should already make a plan. Try to spend a whole day putting all the inputs on a piece of paper. Think about the target audience, content, how to monetize, how to build your brand and so on and so forth. Without all these factors in mind, one cannot possibly expect a podcast to be successful and be featured in iTunes.

So, how will they do it?

Connect with the known podcasters

The best podcasters spent ample of time planning. They looked for podcasters who are in the same genre and researched about them.

Check out the kind of guests they have on their shows. A witty podcaster will try to connect and build a relationship with them. These great podcasters may even agree to collaborate with the news podcasters in the future.

Look for authors

Podcasters may find authors who write the same topic that they have. They can be prospective guests and will be very willing to share the information about your podcast since they will be on it. Again, connect with them. Find a common ground and show your interest to have them.

Consistently release your episodes

One factor that iTunes Podcast Team might consider is the release of the podcast episodes. As new ones launch their podcast show, make sure they have ample of episodes recorded and released. This will help them gain more listeners. Podcast listeners will definitely pick a show that has more episodes over some who has one or two, right?!

Also, it is the timely release of episodes that matters. If the shows tells that the episodes will be released weekly, make sure it will be released on time. Don’t make the audience wait for the episode to be released and then be disappointed once they don’t see anything on the list. It is not a good way to get started and iTunes won’t like it either. Who knows the listeners might even give the podcaster a bad review.

News and Noteworthy

Once the new podcast is released, it has eight weeks to be part of the News and Noteworthy section. Don’t waste this opportunity. Create valuable and interesting episodes. Make sure the podcaster satisfy the audience’ senses to make them glued to your podcast. Don’t forget to ask them to subscribe and provide reviews if they like what they are listening to.

More Reviews

Ask family and friends to leave comments. If the iTunes Podcast Team picks up the increased growth in the podcasters audience they will most likely feature them. Listeners who see more reviews will be more interested in listening to the podcast show and will probably leave a comment or review, too!

Ready, Set, Go!

With all these tips in mind. The podcast now has a better chance of being featured in iTunes. But it all depends on how the podcaster will put this information in action.

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