How to Get More Reviews and Feedbacks on iTunes

How to Get More Reviews and Feedbacks on iTunes

Having a strong presence on iTunes is one of the primary goals many podcasters share. And since iTunes is home to the largest network of listeners online, it is one of the key platforms used to significantly increase one's listenership.

Getting more iTunes reviews is essential for your podcast to be discovered by new listeners. It increases your exposure on the platform and helps you reach more people. Undoubtedly, favorable and positive reviews can effectively entice podcast shoppers on the hunt for a great show to give yours a listen.

That being said, here are effective ways you can try to get more reviews and feedbacks on iTunes.

Create a vanity URL.

One of the challenges of getting a review is getting people on iTunes. Fortunately, you can overcome this roadblock by creating a vanity URL that will direct them to your iTunes review page. Make sure that the link is short and memorable since most podcast listeners are on the go.

You may also just direct your audience to your Show Notes page and give them instructions on how to leave comments and reviews on iTunes. Giving your audience several options can help your chances of getting more reviews since your listeners can choose an option that's easy and convenient for them.

Start within your own network.

Don’t go too far looking for reviews. Sometimes, all that you have to do is start within your circle. Ask friends and family first to listen to your show and leave reviews on iTunes. There's no harm in asking those close to you to leave a review just so you can start the ball rolling.

If truth be told, this is one strategy many new podcasters turn to in order to get initial reviews. This is a simple trick but it works all the time.

Ask your listeners to leave a review after every episode.

Remind your loyal listeners to leave a review on iTunes after every episode. Many top podcasters do this at the end of their show to help them gain more reviews. A little reminder can definitely go a long way and can surely help you get more reviews. It would also be a good idea to tell your listeners how much you would appreciate getting reviews and how much it can help your show.

Write a call-to-action on your show notes.

On your show notes for every episode, include a CTA for people to leave reviews. You can also post the show notes on your blog so you can reach more people. Keep in mind that to help you achieve your objective, it pays to leave no stone unturned. Writing a CTA to leave reviews might seem too simple to work but it just might bring in the reviews you need.

Remind followers on social media platforms to leave reviews.

Use your social media accounts to generate more reviews. Leverage on the communities that you have on various social media platforms. Link the iTunes review page and explain why it’s important for them to take the time and leave a review. You can also post this link on your profile so you can take followers directly to the page. You can also try creating banners to remind followers to leave reviews.

Ask listeners and followers directly.

Email your loyal followers directly to ask for a review. Make every email personal and refer to each of them in the first name. If you have time, you can also make every message personalized depending on how well you know this listener or follower. You can also use social media platforms to reach out to them. Message them on Facebook or tweet them directly. Engage in conversations with your followers so your request won’t seem very impersonal.

Create good content.

Never forget that content is still king. In other words, no matter how persuasive you are when it comes to asking for reviews, your listeners won't do it if they don't like your show to begin with. Always make it a priority to produce awesome episodes your audience will truly enjoy. Once you are able to satisfy and educate your listeners, reviews will almost always follow.

Be the first to give reviews.

If you’re truly into podcasting, you might have a couple of podcasts that you love. Start giving them wonderful reviews. Or you can also feature them in your show or blog if you are in the same niche. Not only will you be able to connect with other influencers, it might also pave the way for more people to listen and leave reviews.

Last but not the least, don't forget to acknowledge and thank those listeners who went out of their way to leave a review. Who knows, it just might encourage others to do the same!

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