Getting Started with Podcasting

Getting Started with Podcasting

When a person first sees a podcast, they can’t get over the excitement and the eagerness to create one on their own. First because it's a great way to showcase what you’ve got, promote work, introduce yourself and broadcast it to the world. You can get more traction and it’s just perfect for branding!

The Real Deal on Podcast Setup

However, no matter how excited you were, the thought of having to go through a lot of steps to be able to do a brilliant podcast that's as good as the one you hear is not easy; and as a result you tend to postpone it to a later time. The task may seem daunting but be assured that with the right motivation, you will be able to produce your own podcast in no time!

You could give it a lot of thought, and you could try seeking the services and mentoring of professionals like the Podcast Engineers which would be very helpful in achieving your goal. You could also have the podcast editing, initially outsourced, but the main point is you have to commit to it, create a plan, and allot ample time to pursue the project. Simple as that.

If you are highly motivated to proceed then here are some steps that could help you get started in your podcasting journey:

Prepare what you'll need.

As they say, once you have the proper arsenal, then you have a good chance of winning the battle. Here are your essential must-haves in podcasting:

  • A microphone or microphones. Any microphone will do but remember that high quality ones yield better sound recordings; and your listeners can tell.
  • Computer installed with a recording and a video/audio editing software. Any good, running Windows or Mac computer that can do the podcast editing will do. There are a few good, free recording software that you can download from the internet like Audacity and Garageband. Fairly easy to use as well especially when you are new in podcast editing.
  • Of course, your theme, script and episode length and format have to be prepared before you get started. You could plan ahead, do research and cover a wide variety of topics that could focus on your purpose or target market. Script it well and edit to fit your time limit and episode format. Scheduling it will also help you set things really well.
  • Other equipment like pop filters and headsets are optional during the initial podcast setup. But as you become a professional they are good to use in ensuring better quality of sound and ease of recording.


This is the main activity that will test and culminate all your efforts in preparing and planning of your podcast. Be patient because starters usually have to repeat, deal with technical issues, and change a little bit more or less of what was originally planned. The execution process can be challenging but keep at it.

Soon and in time, all your hard work and patience will pay off. When the recording is done, the rest of the work will not be as difficult.

Rendering and Producing

It is key to a professional and great podcast setup, so if you have doubts ask around, check other podcasters, or the Podcast Engineers for advice or service. Editing may take time, especially for beginners, but take your time because you want the podcast to be superb. It's yours anyway, so give it your best.

Pick a good music as background if you like, eliminate or minimize noise and cut each segment as smoothly and as flawlessly as possible. If you master this stage, you'll be happy you kept at it because it's an achievement and a new skill.

Create a strong title and an attractive cover

You'll observe that experts in Podcasting make it to the top of the search list because they make use of strong keywords that their market looks for. The first thing people look at is the cover art that tells a lot about your podcast. You will also observe that the popular ones could already use their pictures and talks, be patient. You’ll get there. For now, make sure your art cover strongly represents what your podcast is all about.

Upload your Podcast to a host site

A podcast is never a podcast if it's not online and available for your viewers to watch. Choose a good website where most of your intended viewers usually browse or use. Many WordPress and Blogger sites offer simple and often free hosting. If you want to boost your podcast views, opt for the ones you pay for minimal amount. They usually have advance features and a good, searchable domain. Submit or share your show to other platforms like Stitcher, iTunes, Google Music or Soundcloud.

We know you might think that it's a long, tedious process, we guarantee it's not. You just need to be committed and dedicated to your cause. But, you always have services of the professionals at your disposal. The Podcast Engineers are folks who could help you in this process, especially on podcast editing.

Once your podcast is online, share or post notifications to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social networking sites you have accounts with. Your podcast needs listeners and these sites are the best and most convenient ways to invite them. Congratulations on your own Podcast!

We’re eager to learn your how your first podcast went, feel free to comment below your challenges, and realizations!

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