Easy Tips to Get Your Podcast Ranking Up

Easy Tips to Get Your Podcast Ranking Up

Creating and crafting a good podcast can take a lot of a person’s time and effort. And sometimes, when the podcast one has given so much to just doesn’t get the attention it deserves, it can be a real stinger. But it doesn’t mean it’s all hopeless and meaningless. There is a way to boost a podcast show, its ranking, by just giving the audience a little nudge to finding one’s podcast content. Here are some tips that can give a podcast the opportunity to be discovered, subscribed to, and downloaded.

01 Research on appropriate SEO Keywords

Per podcast episode, iTunes allows podcasters to have at least 12 keywords. Doing proper research on relevant and appropriate phrases and keywords is a great SEO opportunity. Use websites like Keywordtool.io and Uber Suggest for starters. Remember, do away with lengthily keywords as users rarely type in long searches on iTunes.

02 Invest in Good Artwork

Like with real artwork, investing in good artwork is key. A little extra effort for the album artwork of a podcast can do wonders. Rumors are going around that a good album artwork actually contributes to the ranking of one’s podcast. It won’t hurt to actually try it out as it just adds appeal to one’s podcast, no matter what.

Go one step further, and set aside a little time to create a specific artwork for every episode to be released as this will help in getting one’s podcast noticed.

If budget is an issue, then there’s good news! Creating these artworks do not need to be over the top. Going with simple is a good bet, and better yet, one can have a designer create podcast artwork on services like Fiverr for only $5.

03 Shorten Those Titles

Keeping it simple has always been a big positive factor and it can apply to episode titles, too. Take note that usually, in previews and search results, the first 4 to 5 words are all that will be shown or seen. Try to lay off the overly long description because the podcast will do the magic anyway. We do not want to give away everything in the description and title.

Also, don’t waste the title field characters with episode numbers. If adding them is a must, add them to the end of the title or descriptions so as not to waste what searchers can see. What they see should be the most important and the most eye-catching. Numbers will not look interesting and will be off-putting.

04 Personalize them Episode Descriptions

Make those episode descriptions more individualized! Do away with using the show’s description being the episode description as it doesn’t help with giving insight to the episode at all. The better one’s description is, the better the chances people will get interested and listen to the podcast.

Include in the description the details of what the episode is all about briefly, who is partaking in the podcast, if there are guests, as well as the target keywords.

05 One Topic Shows

Too many topics in one show? UNLIKE. Ramblings and complaint podcasts are goners now. The audience does not want that anymore, and prefer content that are shorter. If the idea for a show is too much, cut it up into 2 to 3 episodes instead. This allows for more metadata to be written up, and makes it easier for the audience to listen to the show. Most listeners tune into their podcasts while commuting, with commuting time put at an average of around 25 minutes. Fit into that time frame to make the most the show.


06 Promote Podcast Subscription

When a listener finds a podcast, they can enjoy the show either by downloading just one episode, or by subscribing to the podcast itself. Take advantage of the latter and promote podcast subscriptions amongst listeners, as iTunes gives more value on subscribers.

Along with that, utilize the usage of social media by sharing links to the new episode on social media platforms. Listing show notes on blogs or websites is also advised, along with a subscription link for the podcast.

07 iTunes Reviews are Important

A great way to boost podcast ranking is by asking for reviews on iTunes. Higher reviewed podcasts get much better rankings than those that have no reviews at all. It’s a no brainer, really. There is no shame in asking for reviews from the audience as it allows them to share their input as well.

08 Videos are a Go!

A higher search rank are given to those with video podcasts. If resources are available to produce video episodes, it is a good thing to go with. If not, starting with one should be considered.

09 Download Spikes

Create traffic spikes if the show that is being put out is exclusive or will be a sure hit. A spike in downloads is sure to catch iTunes’ eyes and will prompt them to rank the podcast higher in the search results.

Use social media and the advertising opportunities they present. Promoted tweets and Facebook ads come into play in this case.

10 Direct Listeners to iTunes

iTunes is known for being one of the biggest podcast aggregator there is and naturally, asking the audience to go on iTunes for one’s podcast will help in the search ranking. The more people subscribing, downloading and searching one’s podcast on iTunes, the better the ranking.

11 Age Matters

Yes. Age matters. The longer the podcast has been around, the better its search placement is. This is why it is a good idea not to procrastinate on podcast ideas. Plan it ASAP so as to get it published as soon as it is good to go!

12 Have a Content Plan

Content plans are essential to producing a new podcasts, and the first 8 weeks is crucial, hence creating a very good and a very solid 8 week content plan is a must.

iTunes features podcasts that are 8 weeks old and under in their “New and Noteworthy” section and getting featured here will definitely boost one’s podcast.

A good 8 week plan can consist of guest appearances on other podcasts, doing multi-part episodes to keep listeners hooked and come back for more, as well as plans for social media content. These are all great tactics to take note off.

13 Consistency is Key

The audience appreciates consistency so have a solid publishing schedule is a good thing. Space out episodes and shows equally. It doesn’t necessarily mean having to put out the episodes at the exact same time on the exact same date every week, but merely means release consistently as this paves way for higher rankings on iTunes.

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