Anyone Could be Heard Through Podcasting

Anyone Could be Heard Through Podcasting

On this day and age, new forms of media are continuously being introduced due to the technological advancements that take place.

We see that people are now inclined with consuming information that are up-to-date, relevant, and appealing to them. Because they always want to be on the loop, it has been a routine for many to be hooked on social media and engage with anyone else who does the same.

Admittedly, people nowadays demand for interaction – because as they say, communication is a two-way process. Despite this, some forms of media still fail to address this as they are limited to a one-way transfer of information.

That’s what makes podcasting stand out – because it reaches out to an audience. Podcasting allows not just the host to be heard, but even the audiences too – as they say, a relationship is a give and take process.

It gives you more than what you expect it to give, and takes you to imaginative journeys.

Personal Levels of Conversation and Friendship

Podcasting gives you information on a more personal level. Aside from it being interactive, the host relays these to you as if she is creating conversation. Thus, this takes you to your journey of a new friendship.

Comfortability and Relaxation

Podcasting gives you the convenience of laid-back information transfer. Listening to the show will make you feel comfortable and at ease, eventually taking you to an improvised relaxation zone.

Practical Entertainment

Podcasting gives you practicality. You don’t need to spend much and as it can be consumed anytime and anywhere. This takes you to new heights of entertainment without splurging.

Time Efficiency and Productivity

Podcasting gives you a time-saving experience. You get to enjoy listening to the show while doing something else – it allows you to multi-task. Thus, it takes productivity a step closer to you.

Portability and Accessibility

Podcasting gives you the advantage of a portable technology. It has become so accessible for everyone that it takes you anywhere – because there’s no particular place you have to be to listen to shows.

On-Demand and Interesting

Podcasting gives you something that is on-demand. From the actual medium itself to the content of the shows, it takes you closer not just to what’s trending, but also to what interests and inspires you.

Networks and Social Groups

Podcasting gives you opportunities to build networks. As it is highly interactive, you get to mingle with more with people, taking you to different social groups.

We see how podcasting makes interactions more personal between the host and the audience. You are able to learn from each other, create bonds, and even inspire each other.

One man however is responsible for inspiring this generation. Adam Curry, the podfather, was a believer of such media since 1994. It was then called as Internet Radio before it was officially named podcasting in 2004. Adam Curry opposed the concept of traditional media forms such as the radio. He went on to pursuing this until people realized that the future is podcasting (Orsal, 2015), and that future is today.

Podcasting gives itself to you to let you take the many benefits it could offer. So if you want to inspire and be inspired, let yourself be heard and hear from others as well.

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