7 Ways to Promote Your Podcast (that you don’t know!)

7 Ways to Promote Your Podcast (that you don’t know!)

As a podcaster, it is not enough to just start publishing your episodes and crossing your fingers hoping that people will find your content. Active promotion and marketing are the essentials to success!

You cannot expect downloads to come rushing in after your first episode. You have to exert conscious effort to get more ears to listen to your shows. Even if you are a pro podcaster or just starting out on this rollercoaster journey, promotion should be up above your list. Good things do come to those who wait but, for promotion, you need to hustle!

Here are seven ways to promote your podcast that we’ve compiled from other podcasters, which you probably didn’t know about:

1. Partner with other podcasters.

List down the podcasts that your target audience might be interested in. Connect with the other podcasters in your niche and make lasting relationships with them. You might just find great partners and friends. You can invite them to be a guest on your podcast and ask them if you can guest on theirs as well.

Cross guesting is beneficial for both parties and will get you more listeners and followers. You can also opt to trade promotion favors to other podcasters. Agree that you will promote each other’s podcast for a set duration.

2. Have giveaways!

People love giveaways and freebies. An easy way to promote your podcast while gifting your followers is making fun merchandise branded with your logo. These advertise your podcast and are also handy giveaways.

Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine said that you can start a contest where the first few followers who tweet or share your podcast will win your merchandise. If you are able to spend more on your giveaways, splurge a little on the freebies that you’re giving away so you’re enticing more people to join and follow your podcast.

3. Go live with an audience.

Max Flight of AirplaneGeeks believes that connecting with your audience produce great results. One way to do this is making your podcast episodes dynamic and exciting by going live with an audience. If you already have a steady following, invite them to come over to a small get-together and record a podcast with them.

This is not just a good meet-up in your community, but you can also promote networking among your listeners. By meeting them in person, you can ask them for topic recommendations. Invite listeners to bring their friends too to the meet-up. Record a show with your audience and set up a live question-and-answer segment. This engages your listeners and adds a spin to your usual episodes.

4. SEO your podcast.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still a thing. Make your podcast episodes search engine friendly so new listeners can stumble upon it. To optimize your podcast, you may want to transcribe your episodes and post it on your blog. This can be vital for ranking your keywords. Highlight the important parts of the show to make it easier for readers to find the meatiest bit.

In addition, write a catchy title that can be used as good click bait (everyone does it!). Add a summary and ID3 tag your MP3 file so you have it optimized when Google crawls the podcast. Don’t forget to publish your episodes on iTunes and other podcast websites including your blog. Link the podcasting hosting sites that you’re using.

5. Attend podcasting conferences.

Go where the other podcasters are. Attend podcasting conferences and learn what successful podcasters are doing. Network with the other podcasters there and get the word out about your own podcast. Connect with those who you can get on your show and vice versa. It’s easier to promote your podcast to people who are already active listeners.

If you can’t attend conference, at least join a few Facebook Groups such as this and this.

6. Be smart with social media.

Use social media to your advantage. Insert media links to your podcast and your episodes on social media and share these to your followers, friends, and family.

Post memorable quotes from your shows on Twitter.

Experiment with Facebook live and say hello to your followers before your recording.

Don’t limit yourself to the common social media platforms. Add your podcast link on your LinkedIn profile, Google profile, and share your shows on Pinterest.

Include your show notes on your pins with a catchy title and the relevant keywords.

Post video recordings of your podcast on YouTube. This does not have to be the entire episode. Use interesting clips or segments for your videos and add description with keywords to pull in more traffic for your podcast. Behind-the-scenes clips of how you produce your podcast will also add a human factor to your shows.

7. Use marketing campaigns to your advantage.

Be strategic in promoting and marketing your podcast. Leverage on your business contacts that are complementary to your own. Give them a shout-out on your podcast if they are also promoting you.

Another thing you might want to use is to piggyback on the marketing campaigns that your guests might be having. This is particularly true for authors, hosts, and other creative people that you may be interviewing. These people usually have a full marketing campaign in the works. Ask them to mention your show or share the episode on their social media accounts.

The most important thing to remember when promoting and getting the word out about your podcast is to continuously test and change. See what works and make the necessary adjustments, especially if you just started out with marketing. After the necessary A/B testing, you’ll find the best recipe for promoting your show.

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