6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

A few weeks back, Dave of Podcast Engineers started a thread on Quora asking what made people start their podcast. A couple of people answered including notable ones like John Lee Dumas! Their answers are quite spectacular and thought-provoking that we thought we could share this with everyone.

Here are some of the answers we loved and some of the key points in their answers that we think will help anyone who is still starting out.

Podcasting could help you meet influential people from the get go!

“When I first started podcasting I was down and out… I wanted a way to meet celebrities, give away free content to poor people, and hoped I could grow my business too. Right from the get-go podcasting helped me meet celebrities and soon it led to my business shifting and exploding all of the sudden.

Now I podcast to give away content, meet the most amazing people, create a community, changing the lives of my listeners, growing my business, giving back, and making money.” It’s fantastic to be able to have all of it because of podcasting.

- Luis Congdon, Thriving Launch Podcast

Now, if you want a perfect excuse to meet the key and influential people in your industry, the best way to go about it is probably stating, “Hey (insert famous guy’s name), I have a podcast that caters to this and that, I’d love you to be in it.” BAM! You got an opening that is hard to say no to. I bet with a great pitch, you will be able to get any influential person! On top of that, you automatically get credible and amazing content for your audience.

You can reach your niche!

I started as a service to help Pastor's stay encouraged in an industry that sees 1500 leave the ministry every month. Most people have no clue as to the pressures of this job, so my podcast is designed to encourage this niche group.

- Casey Sabella, Minister's Toolbox Podcast

If you think you don’t have the voice to share your message, you might be wrong. As long as you are passionate about your advocacy, then there’s no stopping you in getting your message through. Podcasting is a very powerful tool to reach your niche without the heavy initial cost. It is a revolutionary medium for reaching the right audience by just being intentional with your message and advocacy. Be like Casey, and go reach your niche!

Reaching a different audience

At first, I had a blog called Another DAM Blog, but I believe different people consume content in different ways, so I thought my (blog) content could reach a different audience if I would read my most popular (based on the analytics) blog posts into audio podcast episodes. That was a good start to my podcast, but I knew monologues were not enough...

- Henrik de Gyor, Another DAM Blog Podcast

If you are like Henrik here, you might have an existing blog, platform, or even followers that need more content delivered in a unique way. Podcasting is a great method to reach your audience. Conveying your message to your listeners will be easier with audio on the go. Connecting with them will be effortless through the accessibility of your blogs or posts. They can even listen to you on a regular basis-- while driving or doing something else. This just makes consumption of information to varied audience pretty seamless, which brings us to the next point…

There are so many people who need great, daily content!

Back in 2009 when I started my career as a real estate agent, I realize that driving would be a big part of my daily routine. So I started listening to podcast and I realized that there are many great podcast but no one has a daily podcast.
So I told myself, I could create a daily podcast that interviews today’s successful entrepreneurs where they share their journey in all aspects.

- John Lee Dumas, EOFire Podcast

If you’ve been listening to podcasts, you probably know this guy. His shows are full of energy and it’s making a huge impact in many people’s lives including his! Today, John Lee has earned bulk of his income through podcasting just because he saw the need of people for great, daily content.

Sometimes, podcasts are just the best source for education

I started my podcast, Economics Detective Radio, after finishing my Master's degree. During my MA, I listened to EconTalk religiously. I actually calculated that I had spent more total time listening to EconTalk than I spent in class.

- Garrett Petersen, Economics Detective Radio

As mentioned earlier, if you are an expert in something or in any field -- could even be in magic tricks, you can definitely start a podcast. Because here at Podcast Engineers, we truly believe that every one of us has unique stories, ideas, and skills, that someone out there needs to hear them. You may never know it but you can change someone’s life just by sharing your brilliance.

Showcase your creativity!

I’d been running a monthly songwriter’s meet-up for a bunch of years and a new university radio station approached me to adapt it to the radio.
I think they were thinking of the standard “interview/showcase” kind of thing but I always hated those shows, so I took the best parts from all my favourite podcasts and created a something that I would want to listen to.

- Phil Emery, Song Talk Radio

Why listen to boring podcasts when you can create yours? With podcasting, you should consider that sky's the limit when it comes to creativity. Create a unique show, do it solo or with partners and guests. Do dramatic talks or monologues, you basically can do anything! As long as it is something that people would want to listen to, you can never go wrong with being creative.

How about you? Have you started your podcast yet? If so, let us know why you started it in the comments section. And if you are inspired about how these people made it in this business and you know deep inside that you also have these great ideas to share, then podcasting might be for you! Learn more about how you can start your podcast today by contacting us below.

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