6 Expert Tips on Podcasting

6 Expert Tips on Podcasting

Podcasting is an interesting medium to express and exchange ideas over the internet. Whether you’re a newbie trying to make his mark on the podcasting scene or someone who’s already into the gig, you may need to know some of these expert tips.

1. Start with a kickass idea

This one’s a no-brainer. People are always on the lookout for something cool. There are already tons of topics being discussed on podcast so it would be a little hard at first to find your niche in the industry. The trick is spotting that one thing people would love to see/hear on a podcast. Do research. Let your passions take you. Remember that a kickass idea is all it takes to jumpstart your podcasting career.

As Farnoosh Brock of the Daily Interaction Podcast puts it, always create content you would want to listen to.

2. Branding is key

Coming up with a kickass idea is one step, but establishing recall and making people associate your podcast with something people will find interesting is another challenge. Make people remember your podcast.

Similar to other interesting things on the internet, your podcast is a product. Your mission now is to make that product sell. Package your podcast in such a way that is equally interesting as your chosen topic. Next, come up with a name to your channel that is both unique and appealing. In terms of the design aspects of the brand, you may consult a designer for your logo. You wouldn’t want that brilliant idea go to waste with a lousy name and logo.

All these is to make sure that you launch big! As John Lee Dumas, the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, puts it, Launch big or go home!

3. Organize your workflow

An organized workflow could go a long way. Treat your podcast as a project in which there are definite start and end points. You may also want to create a checklist of your workflow for each episode – from the equipment, guests, topic/s, to the nitty-gritty parts of the script. Scheduling guest interviews are very important and having someone help you with the post edits could work as well!

Shelia Butler, host of the WebTV show Successful Women Talk, believes that her systems and process make the production of her podcast appear seamless and definitely keep her committed and consistent with publishing her shows.

4. Hire Professionals

Sometimes, doing it DIY doesn’t cut it. Your podcast needs that certain flare of professionality and one way to make it happen is hiring professional voice talents to help you with the audio materials for the introduction and outro of your show.

Post production also is a huge part of the podcast and if you don’t want to be burned out, you might want to hire professionals who provide wonderful post-production services such as the team at Podcast Engineers.

Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examiner and the Social Media Marketing Podcast, is a huge believer in hiring the best people to help him with his shows.

5. Invest in your tech

Whoever said that podcasting is all fun and games? If you’re really committed to making some serious money with your podcast, then you should also pay attention to the technical aspects of your newfound profession. Invest in quality mics, recording, and editing equipment. Research on the gear that will best fit your budget and needs.

There's probably a reason why most professional podcasters advice this. So you don't want to miss this one out.

6. Make people come back

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income thinks that you should always drive your audience towards your website or blog.

Make it easier for people to follow the links mentioned in the podcast by using short and clean urls and redirects. Let your audience relax while listening by constantly reminding them they can always come back for any link mentioned in your podcast show notes that is of course found in your website. This will drive more traffic to your channel. If you want to learn more, read the article about how to keep listeners listening.

7. Always keep it interesting

Here’s a tip coming from us. We believe that people will always stay if you are relevant to today’s happenings and make each show as interesting as it can get.

Keeping tabs of the latest trends could help you keep your audience. Follow on the latest news and events and try incorporating them in your episodes. Audience will certainly be hooked with your episodes just by following this technique.

Here you go. The ones mentioned above are but a few expert tips to a successful podcast. The rest of the work is entirely now up to you. Good luck and happy podcasting!

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