10 Podcasting Tips That Will Help You Gain an Audience

10 Podcasting Tips That Will Help You Gain an Audience

Podcasting is a terrific way of amplifying your voice in a world where most feel unheard. Yet the problem remains that it has a populist nature - with the right devices, anyone can do it. Follow these useful tips and claw your way to the top in no time.

1. Think of a good podcast name

More than having the right equipment and the talent, a good podcast name can get you far. Recognizing that you share a limited audience in a niche, you must make yourself easy to remember.

2. Invest in good equipment

Especially if you have been doing it for quite some time, your podcast setup can be the difference between you and your competitor as this kind of medium banks on the people’s listening experience.

3. Make a great script or outline

While a catchy name and great equipment get you listeners, the quality of your script is still what makes a good podcast. No matter how good you may be in connecting to your listeners, it is imperative to make each session as content-rich as possible.

Research your episode topic well, ask the right questions and even incorporate some humor into the script. You can also write notes while on air just so you do not miss any details. Doing these guarantee both informative and entertaining to your audience.

4. Know the purpose of your podcast and commit to it

Why start a podcast to begin with? If you truly believe that you have something remarkable to share with the world, that is enough to get you started. It’s best to start with one core message or purpose. However, some begin this endeavor in order to generate income or to gain popularity.

Whatever your motivation may be, the most important thing is your commitment. Podcasts are more relevant and credible when released on a regular basis. Always remember why you began and let that keep you going.

Just like here in Podcast Engineers, we believe that anyone can be heard. We stay true to that message.

5. Identify your niche

As in writing an essay, you must stick to the topic at hand. It should not be too vast to the point that it becomes hard for you to limit your target and not too narrow that you can’t think of what your next episode will be about. Given the parameters, throw “ math” and “solving a quadratic equation”, for example, out the window.

6. Deliver your lines with confidence

The best podcast tip I can ever give is be confident. Do you know how your voice becomes either shaky or overbearing when you’re nervous? That’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

Your voice must always be audible and comprehensible, you yourself maintain a lively composure 100% of the time. To increase your podcast’s entertainment value, you can even sprinkle humor of appropriate. If you do not sound pleasant to the potential listeners, you would be ignored for the same reason we sleep in a boring professor’s class.

Here’s another tip, studies show that a smile can be heard across the line, this also goes with what you wear.

7. Spread the word

There are many social media platforms available, making it very easy to spread the word. Now, you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat where you can share your podcast and snippets of the action. Even better, with the help of a friend, you can post live feeds for the world to see.

8. Rise above the competition

Especially when the point is almost to the point of saturation, it is imperative that you differentiate yourself from the others. Be creative. Insert catchy music at the beginning of each episode, or work on a catchphrase that will make you easy to remember.

The point is to make your podcast as alluring as possible. Also, it might be a good idea to watch what your competitors are doing, as this is also a marketing of some sorts. Innovation is the key when you supply for a limited demand.

9. Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse

Whether you are newbie in this playing field or you already consider yourself a pro, there is always room for self-development. Reread and critique scripts you have written for your previous episodes. That way, you avoid the same mistakes. If you have the time, have a mock podcast episode for you to listen. Make note of your strong and weak points, and be much better for the one you air.

10. Reach out to your listeners

The main reason you can be successful with your podcast career is your focus. To further grow your podcast and keep their interest, involve them in the show in some way. There are many ways internet personalities and businesses have done this. Two examples are addressing and answering your listeners’ questions, and taking suggestions from them. Take care of the most important asset of your podcast besides yourself, your audience.

Try these tips and the audience will follow. But most importantly, have fun! Let us know in the comments section if you think we missed a tip that works for you.

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